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What is African Interior design
Posted at May 12, 2020

Over time, we’ve seen how the cultural and climatic conditions of a region have influenced their designs at times.

The art nouveau movement (originating from The French in the 1700’s), The Bauhaus movement (which evolved from Germany while trying to recuperate from the effect of WW1, therefore stripping all ornamentation and teaching truth to materials, where form follows function). The Gothic style (based on the heavy influence of religion on the culture at that time), the mid-century modern, The Scandinavian Style that originated from the Nordic countries- creating minimalistic bright and airy spaces influenced by nature and their climatic condition.

I then thought back to my own culture- do we have anything called “African interior design”, and what does it look like. What comes to mind when we think about it, Prints & patterns -associated with the wild, Artefacts made from pure wood, muted colours like brown, tan , black  paired with very bold colours such as yellow seen at the sunset, or what exactly is it?

How do we define the African interior design? I would say African interior design is just nature, art in its purest form. Its people just trying to make a living for themselves and creating the most beautiful designs in the process without even realising it. From the NOK culture in Nigeria to the Ashanti culture in Ghana, to the Tsonga people in South Africa, to the Arabs in the north. The major thing that ties us together is our purity of form.

I am on a journey to discover what African interior design truly means and I will start by exploring the different tribes in Nigeria and find out what’s peculiar to each tribe and how our spaces are intertwined yet entirely different.